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Hasan to expose parasites in pas

Former commissioner vows to return as member after cleansing of party

Datuk Dr Hasan Ali says he has no intention of joining Umno. Pic by Afendi Mohamed
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KUALA LUMPUR: FORMER Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali has not ruled out the possibility of returning to Pas' fold, but on condition that the party rids itself of  'parasites' and return to its original struggle.
"My heart has always been with Pas. 
"One day when the party returns to its original struggle and is cleansed of all these parasites that have infiltrated the party I will consider filling out a new form to become a member," he said during a press conference at his home here yesterday.
Hasan believed that the Pas leadership had been invaded by "parasites" who were responsible for having dragged the party away from its Islamic fundamentals, causing Pas to fail in its role as advocates of Islam.
When asked to name the "parasites" Hasan declined saying that he would expose those responsible in his upcoming roadshow.
"I have been invited to tour the country, I shall explain during the roadshow about my expulsion from Pas and being dropped as Selangor exco.
"I shall also expose everything that is going on in the party and the real reason behind my expulsion. Wait for it."
On his sacking, Hasan said it went against established procedures and Islamic principles. 
"The decision was autocratic, non-democratic and deviated from Islamic principles of managing an organisation.
"I was not given a chance to defend myself."
Hasan maintained that there should have been an official written  complaint against him and that the matter was to have been brought to the party's disciplinary board first.
He said that his expulsion had nothing to do with defamatory statements against the party as claimed, but was due to his opposition to  a rally in support of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in relation to the sodomy verdict on Jan 9 and also pressure from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).
" I had already apologised during my meeting with Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, deputy mursyidul am (spiritual leader) Datuk Dr Haron Din, and president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang in Kota Baru.
" I was under the impression that my differences with the party had already been discussed, solved and harmonised." 
Hasan explained that he had advised party members, especially students not to attend the rally as he felt that it was a cause in aid of an individual.
He believed that his stand was in line  with Hadi's policy of neither encouraging nor asking members to attend it.
"After that, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali got upset and told Pas to sack me. Lo and behold that was what the party did later."
Hasan was expelled on Jan 8, following a surprise decision by the central working committee in a monthly meeting which had deemed that he had acted against the interests of the party. 
The sacking was announced by Hadi in a statement posted on the party's website which reported that the decision was made  based on Clause 82(9) of the party's constitution.
When asked by reporters whether he would be joining Umno, Hasan replied in the negative.
"I have no intention to join Umno at all." 
On a related matter, Hasan confirmed that he had received a letter from the palace yesterday informing him that he had been drop-ped as Selangor exco member in charge of Islamic Affairs, Malay Customs, Infrastructure and Public Utilities.
"I accept this decision with an open heart, I have been prepared for it."
Hasan, however, questioned the timing of the move and said that it seemed like the decision was made in a rush.
"This happened before my grace period to appeal my expulsion from Pas. I think the Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim overlooked this when he advised the sultan.
  "I must ask, what is the rush? It is as if there are those who urgently want me gone," said Hasan.
Additional reporting by Nik Munirah Nik Hassan


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