Thursday, 12 April 2012

SPDP Puteri moves to better engage with constituents

BAU: SPDP is stepping up its efforts to get closer with the people of the state, in light of the 13th general election.

The party’s Puteri chief Barbara Mawan said yesterday that they would be organising a host of activities in the coming months, the soonest being a two-day carnival “Let’s Get Together with SPDP” on April 27 and 28.

The event will see a joint effort of all of its party members from all four of its parliamentary seats, namely Saratok, Mas Gading, Bintulu and Baram to unite and interact with the people of the state.

“There will be plenty of entertainment planned during the event, which will be held at the renowned Wind Cave here in scenic Bau,” said Barbara during a press conference yesterday, adding: “Participants are encouraged to wear cowboy outfits.”

She said there would be over 30 booths selling various things, as well as a flea market and a long list of sports and games that would take place throughout the event.

“First time visitors can also take a guided tour around Wind Cave for just RM10. It will also be a great time for all of our party members, from all four wings to come together to defend our seats here in the state,” she elaborated.

The Puteri chief also spoke her mind regarding the recent amendment to the University and Colleges Act and the involvement of university students in politics.

“I believe that the youth of our country have powerful potential and in order to show such potential, we must first be courageous enough to change old, outdated ideas and practices.

“A paradigm shift in politics, so to speak. Our country needs the idealism and determination of the youth, and if you deny them this platform, they will not understand the importance of politics, and the power of their vote,” she said.


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