Saturday, 2 June 2012

Zhang Ziyi vows to clear her name

CHINESE superstar Zhang Ziyi has vowed to seek legal action at “whatever cost” against those responsible for alleging that she had slept with powerful Chinese officials for money.

China Press reported that Zhang Ziyi had consulted her lawyer in Hong Kong and said that the news was a complete lie.

“I wish to state that I will get to the bottom of this matter to clear my name at whatever cost.

“I want justice to be served through legal proceedings.

“I want those irresponsible quarters to be dealt with,” she was quoted as saying during a press conference after the 12th Chinese Film Media Awards in Haikou, China.

A Hong Kong tabloid had reported that Zhang Ziyi had slept with a number of Chinese officials for money, and was barred from leaving the country as she was under investigation.

One of the names mentioned was former Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai, who had been widely expected to ascend to the powerful Politburo later this year until he was ousted over a scandal involving alleged murder and corruption.


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