Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Malaysian Student Slashed In Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR: A 22-year-old Malaysian student was slashed to death when he tried to nab a man who had earlier tried to steal his motorcycle from his rented house in east Java, Indonesia, yesterday.
The victim, Adrian Jay Pereira from Taman Klang Jaya had just returned home after classes at Brawijaya University, Malang in the 7pm (local time) incident.
It is learnt that the third year medical student was resting in the living room of his rented house when he heard some noise from his porch.
Upon checking, he noticed a man was trying to pick the lock to the vehicle and shouted at the thief who ran off.
He then took his motorcycle around the housing scheme looking for the man but was confronted by the suspect when he returned home.
Malaysian Embassy First secretary (Education) in Indonesia, Ludinata Misnun said the suspect was laying in waiting for the victim and attacked him when he took off his helmet.
“The suspect slashed him on the neck from behind and he died on the spot,” he said.
Ludinata said Adrian’s remains was brought to Rumah Sakit Saiful Anwar Malang (RSAA) for post-mortem.
“The embassy is now waiting for the post-mortem report and making the necessary arrangements to send his remains back to Malaysia,” he told the New Straits Times, when contacted last night.
Ludinata said security in the housing scheme, which has a high Malaysian student population, has been tightened since the murder.
“A representative from the Malaysian Students Department here will go to Malang to assist in the handling of Adrian’s remains back and also to calm the tension among our students in Malang,” he said.
There are 173 Malaysian students in Malang, and 161 of them are studying at Universiti Brawijaya.

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